How does your recruiting process work?

Kernel requires that any job-seeker complete their profiles at least by 40% to enable submitting their job applications. Shortlisted candidates are required to participate in a preliminary interview first, which can be carried out by a video or phone call. Once the interview is completed, we may ask the candidate to take capability/personality assessments. These assessments are based on the role for which they are applying and our client’s requirements for the open job.
Afterwards, if the candidate is shortlisted, Kernel will refer the candidate to the client for consideration. The client will conduct a technical interview by a meeting in person and/or by online video call in which the candidate will talk about their skills, experiences, career objectives, etc.
*In some cases, if it is an HR/business opening and depending on the client’s requirements and other factors, one of our recruiters will conduct the technical interview with you.
After evaluating the job seekers’ skills, experience, abilities and cultural fitness with our client, then Kernel will recommend the candidate to the client. Simultaneously, for some positions we conduct a reference/employment verification process and coordinate all necessary activities with our client and the job-seeker throughout the interview process up to and including oversight and extending the job offer.
Kernel can also provide all the necessary pre-employment and onboarding services, if required by our client.