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We review all the job applications we receive and we will send you a message conveying whether you are shortlisted or not in due time.
Kernel For Management Consultancy is a consulting firm that provides a range of services, one of which is recruiting and staffing. Kernel is hired/paid by other companies (clients) to find qualified employees for their organizations. This could be on a temporary or full time basis.
No, our services for job seekers are completely free.
There is no guarantee you will find a job through Kernel. However, we established strong working relationships with well-known employers to help facilitate job placements. We receive new requests on a regular basis for many skill sets, industry and experience levels.
Kernel is engaged with different types of businesses, large and small, across various industries.
Depending on the role you are seeking you may be required to complete skills/capabilities assessments through an online system. In addition to that, we conduct preliminary interviews as well as technical ones for HR or business support positions.
Once you have applied for a position, your resume and profile will remain in our database indefinitely. As new roles become available we will search our database first for talent that could match the new role. If you have interviewed with one of our recruiters, the best course of action would be to contact that recruiter directly to discuss other roles.
Kernel requires that any job-seeker complete their profiles at least by 40% to enable submitting their job applications. Shortlisted candidates are required to participate in a preliminary interview first, which can be carried out by a video or phone call. Once the interview is completed, we may ask the candidate to take capability/personality assessments. These assessments are based on the role for which they are applying and our client’s requirements for the open job. Afterwards, if the candidate is shortlisted, Kernel will refer the candidate to the client for consideration. The client will conduct a technical interview by a meeting in person and/or by online video call in which the candidate will talk about their skills, experiences, career objectives, etc. *In some cases, if it is an HR/business opening and depending on the client's requirements and other factors, one of our recruiters will conduct the technical interview with you. After evaluating the job seekers' skills, experience, abilities and cultural fitness with our client, then Kernel will recommend the candidate to the client. Simultaneously, for some positions we conduct a reference/employment verification process and coordinate all necessary activities with our client and the job-seeker throughout the interview process up to and including oversight and extending the job offer. Kernel can also provide all the necessary pre-employment and onboarding services, if required by our client.
Kernel recruiters will work one on one with you during the entire process. Each client has different requirements and needs, our recruiters will educate you on everything you may need to know, assist you in researching the company and the role to help you be as prepared as possible for the interview. Kernel will not stage answers or tell you what to say but we will help you prepare to be confident and well educated for your interviews.
An employer may choose this route for various reasons. Often times, an employer has exhausted their recruitment efforts first before engaging a third-party. Firms like Kernel are in the business of recruiting so we have access to an extensive talent pool, the latest technologies, tools, staff and methods to find talent that the employer may not. Employers also use recruitment firms to outsource recruiting due to time constraints or other factors as well, sometimes we are engaged because it is a confidential search and they can remain anonymous.


We have an extensive candidate screening process. Once an applicant is sourced, whether they have applied or are contacted by us, we consider them for all the current job opportunities. Once a candidate is taken into consideration, we invite them to meet us for an in-person interview or a video interview. During the interview process, the applicant is asked a series of questions ranging from situational, behavioral or straight forward professional questions, depending on the type of interview. These questions will help us to get a deeper sense of whether the applicant is a good match or not. If suitable, we send their resume directly to our client on their behalf. From there we act as a liaison between clients and candidates through the entire process to share feedback, schedule interviews and discuss & present job offers.
The client, unless otherwise directed. When a definitive decision is made on a candidate, our client should first contact and inform us. If it is required that Kernel takes this step on behalf of the client, all the offer details should be, then, sent to us. Kernel team will extend the offer and make arrangements for the new employee to complete the necessary paperwork and confirm a start date.
We have supported in recruiting for many highly sought-after roles and screened available candidates ranging in skills, abilities and experience levels in areas including: Human Resources, Office Support, Engineering, Accounting & finance and Law and compliance. Although we cannot guarantee a candidate will be in our pipeline for a specific role, we do have access to hundreds of screened candidates in our database to fill a wide variety of positions.
With each recruitment request being unique, our recruiting process and the time it takes will vary. After we gather all the necessary information on the role and your organization and our agreement is in place, our recruitment process will begin. There are also multiple factors to be considered when recruiting for an opening, such as our current pipeline for a particular occupation, market conditions, our client's and candidate's response time, etc. Our goal is to present qualified, shortlisted candidates to our client to review in the shortest period of time possible.
Professional roles including but not limited to Administrative and Customer Support, Human Resources, Accounting, Financial Services, Procurement, Sales, Operations and Management. We can assist you in filling a temporary opening or a permanent one. An initial discussion or meeting with us will help you understand your needs and allow us to give you a realistic answer on how to proceed.
Kernel provides recruitment and staffing services to a number of companies in different industries. Generally, our client base comprises of businesses located in Saudi Arabia. Our team have a wide range of experience with many levels of candidates. Whether you need an HR professional, a Mechanical Engineer, a software developer, or C suite executive, we have a wide reach in the recruitment space and our candidate pool is continually growing.


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